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Better Unique AccountingThe quality service on business accounting in Thailand

Whether you are looking for a genuine Thai Business Accounting, Auditing company with English speaking staff, or planning to start your own business in Thailand, let Better Unique Accounting be your solution!

Our service in Business Accounting, Auditing and Thai laws are handled by highly qualified and certified auditors providing a hassle free service on time. We take care of all legal concerns for our clients, creating a no worry situation.

We have served scores of small to medium sized businesses with our accounting, auditing and legal services. Our highly satisfied clients proudly refer our services to other businesses.

Call us now to find out how Better Unique Account can help you!

Our Services

Accounting Service

Company Registration

Work Permit and Visa

introBullet Plan and implement accounting system and accounting system analysis
introBullet Prepare Bookkeeping, General Ledger, Cash Book, Payment Book, Receive Book, Sale Book, Purchase Book
introBullet Keep accounting record and provide timely financial reports
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introBullet Process Memorandum of Association of Company Limited
introBullet Share holder Appointment
introBullet Registration of Establishment
introBullet TAX ID Registration
introBullet VAT Registration
introBullet Company and Employee Social Security Registration
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introBullet Application
introBullet Company management for multiple work permit and visa holders
introBullet Renewal

Auditing Service

introBullet Annual audit and advisory plan
introBullet Online audit and control
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