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Process for Work Permit and Visa in Thailand Process for Work Permit and Visa in Thailand

Foreigner working in Thailand are required to obtain the relevant work permit and visa extension prior to commencing employment. This process is handled in five stages:

Step One – Non Immigrant Visa

The foreigner should apply for a B class non-immigrant visa at the relevant Home country Consulate or Royal Thai Embassy and dependants should apply for an O class non-immigrant visa. This process takes approximately two-three working days for approval but may vary depending on relevant Consulates.

Application containing the following should be made at the Royal Thai Consulate or Embassy before arriving in Thailand:

Please note that you should confirm with the Thai Embassy before you apply the application.

Step Two – Health Check

In order to obtain a work permit the individual needs a medical certificate issued by a Thai doctor. An appointed doctor must conduct the medical check in Thailand. 

The certificate must show that the applicant is free from
- Leprosy
- Tuberculosis
- Drug Addiction
- Alcoholism
- Eephamtitus.

Step Three – Work Permit

On the basis that the employing company meets the necessary qualification criteria we would apply for the work permit after the assignee arrives in Thailand on the non-immigrant B visa and get permission 90 days for staying in Thailand.

Typically the work permit application will be submitted after the individual arrives in Thailand. Providing the employing company is a company that has registered capital or total assets in excess of 30 million Baht and the position for work is executive or specialist, the work permit will be issued within one day at the One Stop Services center. If the employing company does not fulfill these criteria, then the work permit will be issued in approximately 2 weeks.

Step Four – Visa Extension & Multiple Re-Entry Permit

Once the work permit is approved the assignee must apply for an extension of visa. Typically a 12-month extension will be issued and this can be extended annually throughout the validity of the work permit.
The individual also requires a multiple re-entry permit before he can depart Thailand. The visa extension and multiple re-entry permit will take approximately one working day.  The documentation that is required for the initial work permit application is also required.

Step Five – Tax identification
The Tax identification can be obtained in one working day and requires a copy of the assignee’s passport and work permit and confirmation letter of the employing company as supporting documentation.


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